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    • Some Dreadful News About the Halfpenny Dreadful Comic!omic

    • Posted by mikeknowles on 29 Mar 15
    • Reaction to the “Halfpenny Dreadful Comic” has merely reinforced my belief that for those of you out there with egos to massage a healthy dose of pessimism is the only sure protection against the shit life will inevitably throw at you. Always expect the worst and you’ll save yourself some gut wrenching disappointments. It’s more effective than any anti-depressant the pharmaceutical boys can come up with. Or any alcohol or illegal substances that provide us with an alternate reality in times of need. To some adulation acts like a pump – enough of it will refill a sagging ego and return it to the correct pressure. As for myself? I fear adulation no longer has any real effect on my ego. I’ve made whatever small reputation I’ve garnered and I’m too fucking old and crabby to want more. Some bad reviews, eh? I hear you ask. “So you’re trying to mask your inner disappointment with this bullshit!” Okay, I will confess to a slight twinge. But it soon passed. After all, life goes on and there are more important things to worry about. Out of the 220 people who have visited the website only four have commented. The reviews weren’t bad as muted. They found the comic “interesting.” The words that immediately spring to mind are, “Damned with faint praise!” One, however, found it boring and objected, amongst other things, to my use of the Comic Sans typeface! Talk about nitpicking! So I wrote in my reply the rhetorical question, “So you didn’t like it, then?” And, for good measure I used the Comic Sans typeface! I don’t think my sarcasm went down too well because they must have complained and my stuff has been removed. I’m devastated and I may never fully recover from the shock. However, there’s an upside. It teaches me to stay away from any websites featuring serious artists because they become easily upset. God, how I wish I was back on Interpals hunting trolls. One could really let fly against those fuckers! And get almost as good as one got. Anyway, it was my own fault. I wanted to create a different kind of comic based loosely on Terry Gilliam’s artwork on “Monty Python.” I didn’t really care whether people like it or not. I liked it. And, in the end, for a smug, self-satisfied, writer/artist, that’s all that mattered. LOL.
    • Theatrical Memories…

    • Posted by mikeknowles on 28 Mar 15
    • I’ve written and sold scripts for TV, radio and animation. But I’ve never written a stage play. So I was determined to plug this hole in my resume. And when I sent a copy of my ridiculous play, “The Steampunk Driven Sciencology Roadshow” to Liverpool’s Everyman Theatre, the lack of response filled me with encouragement. That’s because I’m a confirmed pessimist. For me the glass is never half empty…it’s completely empty. Two months later they apologized for the delay and told me they were in the process of moving to a new theatre. As a result they may take even longer to read the bloody thing. So I calculate I may get the rejection in 2020. What the fuck was wrong with the old theatre? The Greeks and Romans had to make do with lumps of stone in the open air. Then I had this feeling that during the move the file I sent them would inevitably get lost. Sod’s Law states that if it’s important it’s bound to get lost. If it isn’t it’ll survive until the earth turns into a cold dead planet. The play is also out at three other theatres. But the truth is I really don’t care if it never gets put on. That’s because I’m not really a fan of the theater. I much prefer movies. I’ve only ever been to one play and that was back in Eastbourne in the mid 1960’s. And then it was only because I was taking a bunch of patients from a long stay ward at a psychiatric hospital for a Night at the Theatre. The play bored me until one of the patients, a paranoid schizophrenic, did a wobbly. Many years ago he’d had an altercation with a guy called Munn at a golf club. And it had stuck in his mind. I reckon even if this guy had scored a dozen holes in one in a 50 mph blizzard with zero visibility, this would have taken second place to his argument with Munn. So when he stood up, swinging an imaginary golf club and shouting, “Fuck you, Munn! I’ll fucking get you, Munn, you fucking bastard!” I realized the floor show was going to be far more interesting than the one those wankers on stage were doing. It was worthy of anything Joe Orton had come up with. As for my play? Although I’m ambivalent about the theatre, my search for perfection meant I rewrote the thing about a dozen times before I was satisfied with it. And even now I feel I could have done it better.
    • Femmes Nike Blazers MXGC Haut Suede VT Gym Rouge

    • Posted by freakanwe2 on 24 Jan 15
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    • Femmes Nike Blazers MXGC Haut Suede VT Gym Rouge

    • Posted by freakanwe2 on 24 Jan 15
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    • Sliding Back In

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 28 Sep 14
    • Safety Dance is playing on the radio at the coffee shop, I just read about Flecky's passing and realized how long it's been since I've posted here. I haven't wholly been out of contact with WC(Thanks to twitter, G+, Facebook, Ello & the IRC) but I've been disconnected to some degree to lack of internet, the apartment, and getting my Service Dog in training, Jake. Now that things are settling down and I'm more myself I'm feeling more like being sociable (I blame Jake. The dog makes me get out into the world, and meet people who remind me that it isn't all bad).
    • Higher foreclosure and suicide rates linked

    • Posted by maquesilix on 1 Jul 14
    • When the recession hit back in 2008, the foreclosure crisis was just one of the outcomes. And while the recession has past and the housing market is recovering, thousands of Americans are still in danger of losing their homes. Six years later, researchers are still learning about the economic and social impact that losing a home can cause. For instance, a number of studies have shown connections between foreclosure and physical and psychological problems. Even more recently, a study suggests a link between higher foreclosure rates and higher suicide rates.

      The study
      Two sociology professors, Jason Houle from Dartmouth College, and Michael Light, from Purdue University recently published a study that examined statistics regarding foreclosure, unemployment, and suicide rates. The results were alarming. The study concluded that even when taking into account other socioeconomic factors such as unemployment, a higher foreclosure rate was still linked to a higher suicide rate. Across the nation the states with the highest foreclosure rates tended to have the highest suicide rates as well.

      Middle aged at greater risk
      One of the most interesting discoveries in the study was which demographic experienced the greatest increase in suicide rate. While it isn't surprising to see an increase in suicide during an economic downturn, it is much more common to see an increase in the suicide rate of the elderly. This study found that the suicide rate had increased most dramatically in the middle aged group most likely because they were the most likely to own a home and still have a mortgage to pay off. The study claims that foreclosure probably accounts for approximately 20% of the suicide rate increase. The other 80% of the increase was a result of other socioeconomic factors like a higher unemployment rate.

      Get help
      According to Houle and Light, “"losing key assets and wealth close to retirement age is likely to have a profound effect on the mental health and well-being.” Indeed the situation can seem hopeless when foreclosure is looming. However, there is help available. If you've exhausted your options such as a loan modification or short sale, an experienced attorney may be able to assist you in getting your bank to work out an arrangement that will allow you to stay in your home.

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    • How To Choose The Right Neck Pillow

    • Posted by karven on 17 Feb 14
    • For those whose who have neck pain, stiff neck, and numbness and tingling in the arms, and travel a lot, a neck pillow is a must or necessity at least. Today I am going to tell you how to choose the right neck pillow based on your needs. There are many different kinds of pillows online and it can be very disheartening to choose the perfect one.

      There are many factors to choosing the right neck pillow for your needs. Here are some important factors to figure out the right neck pillow for you:

      Do you do a lot of traveling?- If you are one of those people who are putting a lot of miles on frequent flier program, you may want to consider a travel neck pillow. A travel neck pillow is often U shaped. It can be used while you are sitting waiting for your airplane, or sitting on the airplane. A good travel neck pillow will now allow you to sleep upright without straining your neck to the side or going backwards. It is necessary to have a neck pillow for a long journey in good looking. Try to find some lovely or decent ones, such as a nici neck pillow & cushion with different patterns, which is decent with high quality.

      • Do you have mild-moderate neck pain and need a support while sleeping? - There are many cervical pillows online that are perfect for support. Often these pillows will have an indentation in the middle of the neck pillow and wings on the side- allowing you to sleep on your side or on your back. For a good support neck pillow check our Arc4life's Linear Gravity Neck Pillow

      • Do you have a "military neck"?- This is a diagnosis in the neck- what it means is the a cervical spine is straight and not curved in a "c" position like a normal neck curve. This is often seen on a lateral cervical x-ray. In this case, a traction neck pillow will be a good choice for you. Although this type of a neck pillow can take a while to get used to, providing that extra stretch in your neck will give your neck the traction it needs to be in the proper cervical lordosis, thereby giving your neck pain relief. The Cervical traction Neck Pillow is a great traction neck pillow that is Doctor recommended for neck pain and stiffness

      • Are you buying a pillow based on your frame?- Are you 4'11 and petite framed individual? Or perhaps you are a 6'2 college football player. Either way, the average medium sized neck pillow is not going to be a good fit for you. There are good support neck pillows on the market today that come in a variety of sizes. The Linear Gravity Neck Pillow comes in 3 sizes- small, medium and large. The small size pillow is perfect for people who are of height 5'0" or less and the large linear gravity is good for people over 6'0. This is a good support pillow that can be used by side and back sleepers.

      • Are you looking for a particular filling for your pillow?- Are you allergic to fiber or foam and are looking for a specific all natural filling? Buckwheat neck pillows have become very popular. The natural filling of this kind of pillow has some advantages over conventional fiberfill, foam, or feather fillings. The most important quality for the relief of pain is that the material conforms to the exact contours of the head and neck providing support. This means that you have the same amount of support in all areas minimizing the stress on all areas of support. Other filling materials which compress, try to recover their original shape and this puts stress on the muscles of the neck. Other advantages of the buckwheat hull filling are the "cool in the summer, warm in the winter" insulating properties, the ability to adjust the size to your individual needs by removing or adding back filler so the pillow fits you just right. Check out Original Buck Wheat Pillows for more information.

      • Are you looking for a pillow for headache relief?- A neck pillow specially geared for relief of headaches must be one that targets the cervical paraspinal and suboccipital muscles of your neck. Also, if the pillow has an element of cold therapy that will make it ideal for a headache pillow as well. The Headache Ice Pillo can be used to target migraine and tension headaches. It allows you to use medically recommended cold pack for those acute painful conditions or gives your muscles a chance to relax.
    • Explosion in Texas

    • Posted by Neila on 18 Apr 13
    • Yesterday night, as I was sitting down to eat dinner (about 8pm local time) my brother and I heard what we thought was thunder and he then went outside to make sure things were covered up so no tools or lawnmowers would get rained on. It wasn't until more than an hour later we saw on the news about what happened in West.

      West is about 60 to 70 miles as the crow flies from where I live. My heart goes out to those injured, those working the scene, those lost and those who lost family.
    • Making an attempt to be active on forums again

    • Posted by Neila on 17 Apr 13
    • I disappeared for what, a year? Two? Been rooting around drawing comics and trying to make enough money to keep the bills paid. Haven't had a lot of time for foruming and networking outside of the Twitter and stuff.

      I have the first issue of Sharkpony and the Glitter Riders drawn, if anyone remembers that from way back. Hoping to have a Kickstarter up and running by the end of the year.

      Been sick recently, have a doctor's appointment tomorrow now that I have enough cash on hand to go. Time to get back to work to make up for the money I'm about to spend at the Dr's.