FreakAngels: Interlude 04 - Page 5

At the very beginning of the project, I handled all of the process I’ve detailed here, which was pretty crushing when it came to my workload, so around page 25 I sent out a call looking for a flatter: someone who could take care of stage 2, which is time consuming and fiddly. Alana did some samples and was both professional and fast… she’s been handling stage 2 ever since!

Recently, I’ve been left wishing that I had time for more projects, and thought about finding someone to take over from me and handle stages 3-5, and the perfect solution presented itself.

I live with and work alongside Kate Brown, a fellow comic book artist that I’ve known since I was 16, someone from who I have learnt a lot and with whom I share many of my processes, as we’ve discovered them together, sharing ideas when we have them. We’ve also worked on comics together before, with Kate handling writing and me handling drawing. For the last few weeks, I’ve been going over the particulars of how I work on the colouring of Freakangels with her, and she’s been doing more each week on the finished episodes, until last week’s episode, when the colouring (stages 3-5) were done entirely by her!

I was delighted to see the responses on Whitechapel from people who thought that the colouring was just as good if not better than it ever was, without knowing there had been a change. Keeping the signature style was utmost in our thoughts as we went through the transition, and I think Kate has done an incredible job. I’ll continue to do the linework and to supervise the colouring, and Alana will continue to do her vital work on the flatting.

You can check out Kate’s work here. She’ll be using her time that isn’t spent working on Freakangels to work on a self published collection of short stories, the progress of which you can see on her blog.

I’ll be using the extra time to work on as much new stuff as I can. There’ll be more news about any new projects I take on later. For the moment I leave you with this wallpaper, which made from one of the pieces that was coloured by Kate:
Download link: 1024×768
Download link: 1280×1024
Download link: 1440×900
Download link: 1680×1050

See you next week with more Freakangels,