FreakAngels: Interlude 04 - Page 2

The drawing is scanned, and then imported into Photoshop. The magenta lines are removed, the pencil is strengthened, and the linework layer is then placed on the top of the layer stack and set to multiply, so colours placed underneath can show through. Each of the major colours is put in its place on a layer below the linework.

Once the flats are completed, I can use them to make selections out of different areas of the image, and speed up the rest of the colouring process. Using these selections, I then place textures above the flat colours. These textures are normally photographic, occasionally painted, and often heavily tweaked, combined or altered in colour. I skew them into place over surfaces using the ‘distort’ and ‘warp’ tools, and alter their transparencies or layer modes to get the right effects. If I find that a colour isn’t working, I’ll often tweak the colour of the flats during this stage.