FreakAngels: Notice 0007 - Page 2

The past weekend was the Motor City Con and the second time I have roped Paul into coming over to do a convention for us. It’s always great to have him around as the loyal FA readers come out of the woodwork to meet him and confess their undying love for Jack, Sirkka or Arkady (who is just weirdly the most popular FA by a huge margin). It’s also great because I get to spend time with him, his depth of artistic knowledge never fails to impress me, and we can talk about all the fun stuff we want to do in the future. He’s just an amazing talent, stunningly gifted for his age, and I look forward to watching him continue to grow at Avatar.

The downside of having him over for a show is that it means he can’t be drawing for 6 days, hence this skip week for which I apologize. But the good news is that after this break, we should be uninterrupted for more than a month as everyone is getting a bit ahead.

We are offering up a new design for the FA Field Bags this week, the last two we offered sold out so fast we couldn’t believe it, but hopefully this one will be accessible for some new folks. We ran 150 this time, so that they should at least last past the first day for a change. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting the FA merch and the collected editions. This is an incredibly expensive project for us to give away for free and I really do appreciate each and every person who has been helping to support it.

I’ll end on a tease – we do have a second weekly web comic on the horizon. Looks like a Fall launch, but we have already been working on it for many months. It is not written by Warren (I couldn’t squeeze more than 6 books a month out of him, I tried) but another great writer and I am holding it to the same high standards as FA. I’m really pleased with how it is coming along and as the months roll past, I’m sure we’ll begin to release more information.

Thanks for all your support of Avatar, we couldn’t do any of this without all of you fans!

- William Christensen, E-I-C.