FreakAngels: Episode 0054 - Page 7

Two things of note, before we go:

Note the first: Paul Duffield is going to be appearing with Avatar at Motor City Comic Convention, May 15-17. We’ve got a thread set up on Whitechapel where you can stop by and tell Paul what you’d like to do with/to/in front of/near him and what days you’ll be attending the convention so that he can alert the proper authorities no it’ll be fine I’m sure.

Note the second: Last week we offered limited runs of two bags and a travel mug. We’ve still got a few of the Map Bags and Coffee Mugs left… but by the time the West Coast was waking up, the Field Bag was already gone. So! We’ve run another 50 of the bags, this time in black! As with the other products, these are order now for ship later this month. And, in case you missed it last time: these are moving fast!

And we’ve sold out of the Field Bags again. Thank you, everyone that bought one! For those of you with ultra-portables or *gasp* paper notebooks that you need to tote, the Map Bag is still available… for a while longer. But it’s moving pretty fast, too (the dimensions — 12″x8.5″x4.5″ with divider and front organizer — make it pretty much the perfect casual city bag).

Thanks for stopping by, we’ll see you next week.