FreakAngels: Notice 0004 - Page 1

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been asked to write a little for an interlude now that Volume 2 is complete. You can rest assured that whilst you’re reading this I’ll be revelling in the glory of some time off, possibly peering squint-eyed at the noon-day light through a gap in the curtains, wondering why it hurts to look at the big burney thing in the sky. So, time to have a bit of a breather and read through again to refresh your memory of the story… or if you’re the sort of reader who likes to build up a good chunk to go through all at once, now’s your chance!

Freakangels has been an incredibly engaging and non-stop project for me from the very beginning, both rewarding and frustrating, and always challenging. Since it has threatened to burn me out on a few occasions, we’ll be taking a more organised approach to interludes as break-weeks from now on. Hopefully the easing of pressure this will produce will help me to push my art as far as possible, as well as making it easier for me to produce art for merchandising and other material to fill out the Freakangels experience. I believe the first fruit of this breathing space will be announced later in the interlude!

It’s amazing for me to look back at such a large (and rapidly growing) body of work produced over such a relatively short time, so thanks to all of you who have kept up with the project and posted your thoughts on Whitechapel. Reading through the threads each week is a much needed source of encouragement. Thanks especially to those who have also gone out of your way to buy a hardcopy of Volume 1. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting your hands on the print copy for the first time as much as I did. Despite this being a webcomic at heart, it’s produced with the printed page always in mind, and it’s fantastic to see the detail that’s missing in the 72dpi version brought out in such quality on paper.

Finally, I want to indulge for a moment and use this space to say an official thank you to Alana, my colouring assistant, whose work laying down flats for me to colour into has been invaluable and always reliable! Alana, you rock! I wouldn’t be able to produce the same volume or quality of work without you. For everyone else reading, check out her work! As well as being a dedicated part of the Freakangels team, she’s a fantastic artist!

Thanks again, and keep on reading,