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Skip week. Sorry about that, but we’re all knackered. And by “we” I mean me. January’s always a nightmare month in the comics business, because every publisher is horrified by the idea that creators and printers took time off over Xmas and New Year — and December’s usually a dead loss anyway due to shopping, crowds, bills, relatives, having to kill and bury unwary passers-by after relieving them of their wallets, etc — and so January tends to get double-loaded. You can also subtract a fair amount of time for listening to said publishers shrieking that the world’s going to end because you didn’t submit the most recent episode two weeks before you submitted the last episode, because Time Is Our Enemy and You Should Be Able To See The Future and Eating Food Wastes Valuable Moments That Are Mine Not Yours and so on.

If you’d like something else to read today, you could hit this thread at Whitechapel, wherein FREAKANGELS readers who also produce webcomics have listed their wares for your viewing pleasure.

As you’ll be aware, we’re a hair off completing Volume 2 of the series now. The covers for the print editions (paperback, hardback, signed limited) have been prepared:

  • Trade Paperback

  • Hardcover

  • Signed Hardcover

I still have no end in sight for the series. I mean, if you’ve been reading since the start, you know we’re actually still inside the first 24 hours of the story. It could take me three years just to reach the end of the first week. I might die of old age before I reach the end of the first month.

Anyway. Following this should be a reminder about the print volume currently available, and the FREAKANGELS Stuff that’s still available. And we’ll see you next week. Thanks for sticking with us.

– W