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Hi Freakangels readers!

This is Paul, Freakangels artist. Apologies for another skip-week so soon after the last — this one’s all my fault. A month stuffed with conventions and the high level of detail on these last few episodes ended up burning me out, but when it comes to it, this seems to be the perfect place to pause for breath and thought.

For those who aren’t yet aware, the Freakangels’ story is now drawing to a close. There are 144 episodes in total, making up 6 volumes of 144 pages each — a crazy total of 864 pages that makes my head spin to think about. I’ve taken a few days out this week to recuperate, so you can look forward to the remaining 6 episodes over the following 6 weeks without interruption.

It’s a very strange and potent feeling to look back over such a massive amount of work, and think about it coming to a close. It was over 4 years ago that I was first approached by Avatar Press about working on Freakangels, and since then each episode has been added to the last so stealthily that in many ways I’m left wondering where all the time went! I came to the project having only ever produced a handful of short comics, and one graphic novel, so my time spent on Freakangels has been one hell of a learning curve for me. The art has developed so much as the comic has gone on that flicking through is almost like looking at a 4 year ice core that records changes in art instead of climate!

I’m going to miss Freakangels when it’s over, but I’m one of those weird people who think that a story isn’t truly alive until it has an ending, so I’m also looking forward to seeing Freakangels completed and whole. I know that both Warren and Avatar Press have more webcomics lined up for you, and I’d like to move on to try my hand at both writing and drawing a new long form comic, so I hope you’ll all stick with us!

Since this is the very last skip-week, it’s the perfect chance to thank Warren for the opportunity, the words and the story, William for his tireless role as editor and publisher, Ariana for the lettering, the website, and for making everything under the hood run like clockwork, Mark for his lovely design work on the printed volumes, and everyone else at Avatar Press who has worked on producing the books, Alana for her always reliable work on flat colours, and Kate for her seamless execution of the finished colours since volume 3. (Credit Note: Mark has spent many a sleepless night doing lettering for all of the volumes, too, in addition to getting images and info together for the store and merchandise — just last night, for instance, he stayed up to get Volume 6 ready for preorder…! And I’ll give a little peep of my own horn for some contributions to the print volume designs. –A)

Finally, thanks to you and all our other readers for sticking with us every week through thick and thin — especially those who have supported the project by buying printed volumes and merchandise. It couldn’t have continued like it has without you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride, and please stay tuned for the finale over the next 6 weeks!

On the next page, we’ve got links to preorder the sixth and FINAL volume of FREAKANGELS, as well as ordering info for the other five volumes. Thank you for stopping by, and we’ll be back with more FREAKANGELS next week.