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VOLUME FIVE is in stores now!

It’s a good weekend for any FREAKANGELS fans in Pheonix or London. AVATAR is at Phoenix Comicon all weekend with convention-exclusive merch, as well as plenty of FREAKANGELS volumes, clothing, and more. And for those of you in London, Warren will be at London MCM Expo on Saturday from 2-3pm, for an hour of signing (and probably five or six cans of Red Bull). Paul Duffield and Kate Brown are also at MCM, all weekend: table #F2 in the Comic Village.

If you’re nowhere near Arizona or England, well, that’s what the internet’s for. We’ve got some links to stuff you can buy up here, and Whitechapel Forum is always open, wherever you are.

This link’ll take you to all the rest of the FREAKANGELS kit to order online.

Thank you for stopping by, and we’ll be back with more FREAKANGELS next week.