FreakAngels: Episode 0135 - Page 7

Hello Freakangels readers! This is Paul (Freakangels Artist) with a Public Service Announcement.

If your heart fell when you realised that this isn’t actually a 7th page of story, do not despair! Simply make it to London over the next month, and you’ll find that Kate Brown (Freakangels colourist since Volume 3) and I have an Exhibition that includes original Freakangels drawings at Orbital Comics from May 1st to 26th.

The exhibition will also feature work from my short comic Signal, along with art from Kate’s beautiful new graphic novel Fish + Chocolate, and you’ll be able to pick up copies of those and the latest Freakangels volumes at Orbital. Check out the flyer below for more info:

If you’re unable to make the show, despair can still be held at bay! You can pick up copies of Fish + Chocolate from Kate’s web-store, copies of Signal from my website, and copies of Freakangels Volumes 1-5 right here.

Have a nice weekend!