FreakAngels: Notice 0002 - Page 3

But some of you went to WWTX, have seen Paul’s state, picked up your copies of FREAKANGELS: VOLUME ONE and THE ART OF PAUL DUFFIELD, and now you’re just hoping to see something shiny and new to throw your filthy lucre at.

How’s this?

No. Not the girl. The girl is not for sale.

The lovely, 100% cotton, oh-so-cozy woven throw is, however. It’s limited to just 100 units, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to sell through before the winter holiday season’s over, so you want to buy one now by following this link.

We’ve also still got a few of the Limited Edition Signed Art Prints left for sale, as well as the FREAKANGELS T-Shirts and Tanks.

FREAKANGELS Merchandise.


And that’s it for today. Don’t worry, we’ll do something about Paul. I’m pretty sure a cattle prod to the few days to recuperate will do him fine.

See you next week.