FreakAngels: Notice 0015 - Page 1

VOLUME FIVE is in stores now! Well, technically it’s been in stores for a couple of weeks, but we hadn’t officially mentioned it yet, haha. Which means those poor (strange) folks that wait to buy the collected volumes (they really do exist) might have been waiting for the green light, whoops. So, yes, everyone who’s been waiting for the physical volume of FREAKANGELS Volume 5: It’s here! Ask your local comics shop if they’ve got it in stock, or hit the next page for a link to the online store.

And, while we’re here, let’s relink the FREAKANGELS merch we’ve got so that you can show your support/love/etc. Those of you hitting ECCC this weekend can pick up some of these items in person, or just swing by the Avatar booth to say hello!

If you can’t make it to ECCC, this link’ll take you to all the rest of the FREAKANGELS kit to order online.

Thank you for stopping by, and we’ll be back with more FREAKANGELS next week.