FreakAngels: Interlude 10 - Page 1

No, this isn’t a skip week. I mean, yes, it’s a week without a comic — but you should think of it as more of an “And now a word from our sponsor” week. It’s the winter-holiday-of-your-choice gift buying season, so now’s a good time to put some links to pretty things that you can buy for the people that you love. Or, really, just for yourself. I mean, if those people loved you, they’d want you to have pretty things, wouldn’t they? Of course they would. So go ahead and get yourself that FREAKANGELS bag you’ve been wanting.

Or that notebook, or that art print, or that t-shirt, or…

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading every week. FREAKANGELS works because you help us make it work. See you next week.