FreakAngels: Interlude 03 - Page 3

* When we started FREAKANGELS, some webcomickers were heard to say “weekly webcomics suck.” Like there was only one way to do a webcomic, and that the daily newspaper strip was somehow inherently superior to six-pages-a-week. Even now, I’m not seeing a lot of weekly webcomics. If you know of any, stop by and tell me about them. Hell, maybe we could generate a weekly programme guide out of them.

* Weekly comics don’t suck. You can read them anytime. You can wait for weeks and read several episodes at once. But it’s nice, I think, to have landmarks in the week. Friday is FREAKANGELS day. You don’t have to be there at 12noon UK time when Chief Mechanic Ariana pushes it live. But it turns out that tens of thousands of people like coming over here on the day a new episode goes live. FREAKANGELS Friday. And I like doing that for people.

* Sorry for the filler. See you next Friday.