FreakAngels: Interlude 03 - Page 1

So I took a week off to wander the south-west of England. And Paul’s taking a week off to attend a wedding (naked, with DON’T DO IT daubed on his chest in vole blood). So here we are in skip week territory again. Which would ordinarily mean I’d have a full week to come up with a replacement piece, but it’s been an evil jagged shit of a week, and it’s now Thursday night and there are four other things I should actually be doing instead.

So let’s make some notes:

* Yes, there are still two Freakangels left to introduce. I bet some of you thought I’d forgotten. I bet some of you thought I couldn’t count, or that I’d gone senile, and probably incontinent, and that I sit here in my own filth talking on the internet in absurd and neverending run-on sentences like that time I wrote a narration for DOCTOR WHO Tom Baker to read and he looked at it and ran his finger across it and suddenly yelled “Warren, you bastard, this sentence is sixty one words long!” except that this sentence is probably longer by now and in any case that sentence had extensive punctuation and so Tom handled it just fine, not least because, as he told me with great glee when discussing his advertising work, “I can make whippet shit sound like The Old Testament!”

* This is a new sentence, though.

* Also, I am actually incontinent. This is why I’m never on those Sexiest Comics Creator links. Even though I know for a fact that Grant Morrison actually wears the skins of younger comics creators.