FreakAngels: Interlude 09 - Page 1


This is Paul here with an apologetic interlude ramble.
This time the blame is on me, and as lame as it sounds, it was just poor organisation! Freakangels is normally an extremely tight operation – the 6 pages you see up here each week are only finished on Wednesday, a few days before they’re posted, and the next episode is started only a day or two after that. When co-ordinating the small team that now handles the Freakangels artwork on that schedule, there’s really not much room for a slip-up! Unfortunately I set the ball rolling too late this week, and the combination of this and some bad luck meant that we just couldn’t finish on time, even though we have a number of partially-done pages.

Normally skip weeks are due to illness or conventions – there’s either an episode, or nothing gets done at all – but this is by far the most frustrating outcome! The only up-side is that having half an episode finished means that you’re guaranteed an episode next week. So, in the absence of an episode this week, let’s have another roll-call to remind you who works on the art, since not everybody gets their name in giant text at the top of the site.

Alana Yuen handles the “flatting”, which is using photoshop to lay down the flat colours under the linework. This is time consuming but vital work (as it’s the foundation for the colour palette and the rest of the colouring process), and Alana manages it on top of a full time job! Flatting isn’t the most glamorous job, but she’s a seriously talented artist.

Kate Brown handles the colouring, which is adding shadows, textures, lighting effects, sparkly things and anything else that’s required to the flats. She and I live together and have worked alongside each other for years, sharing techniques and ideas, so we have a very similar method for creating comics. Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t be doing comics without her! We met in college, and she was already producing her own webcomic (in the ancient days of dial-up, long before they were fashionable), which got me interested in doing so myself! She recently received a grant from The Arts Foundation to work on her own comics, and has been using Freakangels to subsidise production of a self-published comic called Fish and Chocolate, which is now close to being finished, and will be done next year. I’ve seen it in production, and it’s going to be stunning, especially since Kate’s a fantastic writer as well as an artist. We’re still hoping to work together on a comic that she’s written at some point in the future.

It’s already been plugged in a recent skip-week, but I’ve also finished my own (very short) self-published comic recently. It took bloody ages, and it’s called Signal. It’s now available to pre-order from my website, so if you’re upset that you’ve not had your regular Freakangels fix, why not do some therapeutic shopping! I’m expecting the first batch of copies back from the printer next week, so it looks like pre-orderers might get their copies quite a bit earlier than advertised too!

Of course there’s Freakangels merchandise galore as well, along with the many many things that your overlord and master Warren is always working on. You should feel lucky! Even though I screwed up!

See you next week! (with an actual episode)