FreakAngels: Interlude 08 - Page 1

This is Warren. And this is a skip week. No, Paul hasn’t gotten the Mongolian Terror Trout Flu again. This week it’s all my fault. I’ve been tending a sick cat while suffering a few exhaustion symptoms, and finally the poor little bugger died yesterday (as I write this — if you’re up for reading something completely miserable, this is the note I wrote to mark it), and basically the deadline flew by me. So nothing this week, and we’re back next week.

Following this should be a list of all the merch we have left, and ordering information for the four print volumes so far. Crazy to think we’re halfway through volume 5 already.

Sorry for yet another pause. See you next week.

– W

Well, probably not all the merch we have left, but here’s a few pretties.

The next couple of pages will have the collected FREAKANGELS volumes in print, as well as information for NYCC with special guest Paul Duffield! (Hitting the page 3 image will link you through to the Avatar infopage for the con.) Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Paul’s SIGNAL.