FreakAngels: Notice 0012 - Page 1

It seems the range on the SDCC disease vectors is such that, even though he was an ocean away at the time of the con, Paul still got sick this week. True story: “Sick” as in “doctors involved” sick. So we’re re-running a bit of product and taking three weeks off while Paul goes on medical leave. FREAKANGELS returns on the 27th.

And if you’re coming to Chicago Comic Con, 08/19/2010 through 08/22/2010, you can order an Avatar VIP pass that includes this new FA bag! (If you don’t fancy the VIP package, you can also order one-day or four-day passes directly from Avatar to save time.)

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading every week. FREAKANGELS works because you help us make it work. See you on the 27th.