FreakAngels: Notice 0010 - Page 1

And that’s the end of Volume Four. I really feel for the people that are tradewaiting this one — if I didn’t know better, I’d think Warren started making the volume breaks more cliffhanger-y when he discovered those folks existed.

I mean, I think I know better.

He wouldn’t do that, right?


Anyway, yes, we’re taking a skip week. Which means Warren’s off pouring chemicals all over himself, Paul’s off doing whatever artists do when they aren’t arting, and William and the rest of the Avatar crew are off to Motor City Comic Con.

The next couple of pages have order information for Volume Four (and the other three volumes, too), as well as some FREAKANGELS clothes and bags that are still in stock. Take a peek at those, if you like, and then stop by the Whitechapel Forum and say hello.

The nice thing about skip weeks is that it gives us a chance to say thank you for coming back every week, reading and commenting on Whitechapel, telling your friends, buying the trades — basically everything you do to make this experiment of Warren’s work. So, thank you — and we’ll be back next week with the first episode of Volume Five.

See you then.