FreakAngels: Interlude 07 - Page 1


Hello. I’m Warren Ellis, and I missed a deadline due to a confluence of work clusterfucks, allergy attacks, other things that took me away from the desk, and this endless creeping cold and damp from this winter that simply refuses to end and just fucking die. We’re all doomed. You understand this, right? This country’s going to be underwater in twenty years and it’s going to have nothing to do with twelve annoying teenagers with light-up eyes, either. My bones are crumbling like wet cheese.

So this is a skip week. Sorry.

In the pages that follow, the nice people at Avatar are going to show you the covers to the next FREAKANGELS collection, and will list whatever FREAKANGELS merch is still languishing in the Freakcave waiting for nice owners (or even depraved owners). Also, I believe they’re all off to C2E2, which is a convention and not some weird internet code for illegal sexual practises, and it’s entirely possible they’re going to want you to know about that, too.

In the meantime, I feel like mentioning that I pretty much know what’s going to happen in FREAKANGELS up to the end of Volume Six, so we’re going to be around another year. Amazing, really. I didn’t think we’d keep Paul beyond the end of Volume Two, and I was pretty sure I’d be sick of the sight of the ‘angels by the end of Volume Four. But I can definitely see another year here. So, by the time I’m done writing Vol Six, that’s going to put me close to 900 pages of FREAKANGELS, which is only three or four hundred short of TRANSMETROPOLITAN. And that bugger took me five years and change.

Thanks for sticking with us this long.

Anyway. Pretty pictures and such follow. See you next week, which should begin a straight run through the end of Volume Four and well into Volume Five before we have to fall over again. Take care.

– Warren Ellis
cold rainy seaside town
28 March 2010