FreakAngels: Interlude 06 - Page 2


Hi, this is Paul with a big apology for an unexpected skip week.

After the London MCM expo (which was fantastic, it was lovely meeting everyone who stopped by the stand!), Kate, our primary colourist contracted the nerd flu, and it was a massive rush to get last week’s episode in on time. Unfortunately, this week, I caught the nerd flu in turn off Kate, and by the time I had recovered it was just too late to get the episode in on time. Such is the way with our fragile, pale fleshy bodies, hidden from the warmth of the sun as we hunch in front of our computers.

There was however just enough time for me to produce an apologetic pin-up (with associated wallpapers) of our young entourage, looking typically miserable. Just a note, this is not a story splash page, just something off the top of my head.

As you sit in stunned silence, raging at how unfair life is because Freakangels, the elixir of immortality and all-round-quality-entertainment, is not available, why not take a kind suggestion and read some blogs instead:

Or perhaps on a total tangent, you could watch Carl Sagan explain a 4th spatial dimension in an easy to understand way using an apple and then celebrate his awesome posthumous Birthday in anticipation of the newly created Carl Sagan Day.

Alternatively, you could tell us how much you hate doing anything except reading Freakangels at this particular time on a Friday on the forums and then vent your frustration with some retail therapy at the freakangels store.