FreakAngels: Interlude 05 - Page 4

And, of course, Volumes One and Two are still and always available for purchase, online or through any local comics retailer.


Me again. If for some godforsaken reason there’s more merchandise you’d like, come and tell us at Whitechapel, the official message board. You may not be aware, but every week there’s always a huge discussion about that Friday’s episode. You may find it amusing.

Spread the word. We don’t do a lot of outreach for FREAKANGELS, really, but next week is probably as good a jumping-on point as any. And, of course, the whole thing to date is still there to read for free online. It’s a weird business model, but we’re making it work. And we’d like to meet more people.

All done. See you next week: Friday, just past noon UK time, same as ever.

–Warren Ellis