FreakAngels: Interlude 05 - Page 2

FREAKANGELS Volume Three is available for now — hit the links below for more info.


I’m actually writing this a while ago. I’m about to dig into Book 4 — 0073 to 0096 — and pacing out the first five or six episodes. If I can get them nailed down this week, then I only have two FA writing sessions between now and Xmas. Bloody Xmas, eh? Messes around with everything. But! I am reliably informed that we still have FREAKANGELS merch rotting in the Avatar bunker. Anyone up for some early Xmas shopping? Shipping costs to the UK are, I’m afraid, still a bit onerous — I’ve tried telling Avatar to just shove shirts in a big cheap Jiffy bag and bung them in the post, but they insist on packing them well and shipping reliably, which I’m afraid does cost them money. I’m trying to start a JUST BUNG IT IN A BAG AND SEND IT BY CARRIER DONKEY petition.

Anyway! Things! If this works, the next page should feature lovely junk you don’t need and should buy anyway!