FreakAngels: Interlude 05 - Page 1

And that, friends and fellow travellers, is the end of Book Three. Just imagine how that ending is going to fuck with the people who only buy the print edition.

They exist, you know. People have told me to my face that they don’t read the free online serial because they’re “waiting for the trade” — reading only the print collections. Good christ, even the online comics pirates actually snatch up each week’s FREAKANGELS and run them in their torrent packs. Like they scanned them or something. I love the notion that someone somewhere thinks they’re stealing the online serial. I wonder if some weirdo is actually scanning the print books and “pirating” them, completely unaware that we put it out for free every week?

Tell your friends. FREAKANGELS is free to air every Friday.

As I write this, the gaggle of deformed elves in the production department at the Avatar compound in darkest Illinois are slapping together the third print collection. I’ve been too busy to keep much of an eye on this one — it’s been that kind of a summer/autumn — and so the covers they will reproduce after this paragraph may prove to be as much of a surprise to me as they are to you. Pay special attention to the signed edition, because I fucked up my arm for 48 hours, signing all those tipsheets in a single night. Also, don’t complain if the signature you receive looks a bit like someone lightly concussed a spider with a pneumatic drill, dipped it in ink and let it have a seizure across the page.