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And here’s the Hardcover and Dual Signed Hardcover, plus the solicitation info. Please let your comic book retailer or bookstore know that you’d like FREAKANGELS Volume THREE.

FA vol 3 hardcovers

    Full color, 144 pages
    Retail Price: $19.99 US
    ISBN: 1592910785
  • FREAKANGELS Vol 3 Hardcover
    LIMITED TO 2000
    Retail Price: $27.99 US
    ISBN: 1592910793
  • FREAKANGELS Vol 3 Signed HC
    LIMITED TO 1000
    Retail Price: $39.99 US
    ISBN: 1592910807

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Volume Three of award-winning author Warren Ellis’ ongoing web comic, FREAKANGELS, is here! This installment collects the entire third arc of the post-apocalyptic saga into 144 gorgeous, full-color pages. Twenty-three years ago, twelve strange children were born in England at exactly the same moment. Six years later, the world ended. Today, eleven strange 23-year-olds are living in and defending Whitechapel, maybe the last real settlement in flooded London. They’ve made a new friend, and together they successfully defended their home from raiders–but the post-apocalyptic drowned London that the eleven Freakangels survive in is never a safe place, and never surrounded by friends. In FREAKANGELS: VOLUME THREE, the Freakangels begin to address how to build their community while a serial killer stalks in their midst. Everything almost comes crashing down around them as one of their own breaks their most valued rule. Ellis’ ongoing story of a flooded London is beautifully illustrated in jaw-dropping detail by Paul Duffield, and every page is as much a work of art as it is a compelling and multi-layered story. This third collection is also available as a Hardcover edition with an all-new cover by series artist Paul Duffield that is limited to just 2000 copies, and a Dual Signed Hardcover edition, limited to only 1000 copies, signed by both Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield!